V2.2.3-Unleash the Power of Flow

We are happy to announce that Plexins has upgraded the automation marketing section again. For the Flow function, we have carried out a comprehensive optimization. I believe this upgrade can bring you a perfect automated marketing experience and help you greatly improve the operation efficiency of your store. The following is our updated content:

1. Flow List Page Updates:

● Added a new revenue field for better tracking and management of earnings.
● Introduced a new click-through entry point on the details page for more in-depth information.
● Hidden the delete function to prevent accidental removal and improve data security.

2. New Flow Details Page:

Added statistics such as the number of senders, sending frequency, click count, revenue, trigger records, and action records, allowing you to gain comprehensive insights into your flow's performance.

3. Flow Trigger Rule Adjustment:

Transitioned to a global rule system, providing more flexibility and unified management of flow triggers.

4. New Flow SMS Action:

Introduced a special variable for adding product URLs, enabling users to click and redirect to the product checkout page, enhancing the purchasing experience.

5. Enhanced Subscription User Management:

Optimized the search function to support searching by name, with improved value retrieval for quicker identification of target users.

6. Added Revenue Attribution to Flows:

Gain a clearer understanding of income sources, facilitating business decisions and analysis.

7. Dashboard SMS/Email Statistics:

You can now view SMS/Email statistics on the dashboard, including flow-specific message and email sending data, providing a comprehensive overview of your communication activities.

Our team is continuously working to improve our application, aiming to meet your needs and deliver an exceptional user experience. We believe these updates will bring added convenience and functionality to your workflow. If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact our support team. We are here to assist you.

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