V1.6.1-Unlocking Exciting New Features in Pop-up!

More eye-catching pop-up designs, drive more traffic and higher conversion rates to your website.

Pop-ups can not only help increase your subscriber list, but also unlock additional features. To help optimize your store design and improve your store's operational efficiency, Plexins made an optimization update to the Pop-up section on March 31th. This update includes three optimization points.

Firstly, the editor has added an "Add a URL" button.

If you set a URL in the pop-up, when a user clicks on the link, they will be directed to the corresponding URL address.

Secondly, the editor has added the ability to adjust the transparency of the background color.

The pop-up editor now allows you to adjust the opacity of the background color, giving you greater control over the appearance of the pop-up. You can reduce the opacity of the background to design irregular, artistic pop-ups that blend seamlessly with your store. We hope that this new feature will make your pop-ups more visually appealing and comfortable, ultimately improving your website's user retention.

Thirdly, the editor has added a "Subscription Agreement" toggle switch.

This option is turned off by default. When turned on, a  checkbox will appear in the pop-up. When a customer clicks submit button, the system will check whether the checkbox has been selected. If it hasn't, the form cannot be submitted and the annotation text will be highlighted. If the checkbox is selected, the form will be submitted normally, and if the customer successfully subscribes, they will be marked as having voluntarily confirmed their subscription agreement (both Email and SMS are valid).

We believe that these new feature improvements will bring you a better user experience. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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