V1.4.7-Update New: New Features and Improved Performance!

The next-generation email section and all-new UX videos upgrade your product experience, perfectly presenting a higher-quality service!

Celebrate time! 

Our product has undergone functional optimization! We've significantly updated our email module and launched a new UX video tutorial section. These changes will make your experience smoother and more efficient!

Email editor:

We've added a new "Product" tool in the email editor, which allows merchants to quickly select product information such as product name, price, image, and product detail page link. By using this tool in the editor, merchants can easily add relevant product data with just one click, saving time and effort.

We've also added a sending data dashboard on the email campaign details page, which includes statistics such as send success rate, unsubscribe rate, complaint rate, and invalid address rate. This provides merchants with more comprehensive data on email campaigns, including an income dashboard that displays orders and revenue generated.

Tutorial videos:

UX videos are now available to help merchants quickly learn how to use our products and their new features.

We've added a general instructional video on the dashboard page that overviews our product's functions and use cases. Merchants can expand or hide this video as needed.

On each page, we've also added a feature instructional video (5-7 minutes each) to help merchants better understand how to use the features and their applications.

These videos improve your product usage efficiency and provide a more enjoyable user experience. Now you can view these videos in our application and learn more about how to use our product anytime, anywhere!

Experience our new features, and make your work and life more efficient and enjoyable!

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