V1.0.1-Plexins SMS Marketing V1.0.1 Pre-Update Log

Description to Plexins

Who is Plexins? 

Plexins is an application that focuses on E-commerce automated marketing services. It could help e-commerce companies improve sales and the efficiency of connecting users.

What can Plexins do? 

Help e-commerce companies to improve the efficiency of link users and GMV of the company.

What are the functions of PlexinsV1.0.1? 

  • Rapidly create precise Users Segment;
  • Select the right users for personalized User Marketing;
  • Automatic marketing campaign;
  • UTM tracking;
  • Support SMS A/B test;
  • Support insertion of a Discount code/ Variable Code in the SMS, and tracking of the discount code;
  • Support creating a timed campaign;
  • Support intelligent sending to prevent SMS bombing;
  • Support SMS DND(Do-Not-Disturb)settings for American and Canadian end users. The DND setting time can be set according to the time zone of the user; the time zone of the user;
  • Support TCPA and GDPR Compliance;
  • Abundant, professional and conforming SMS operation templates can be directly used.

What can a user do with Plexins?

  • Acquisition - for example: Creating SMS with communication value;
  • Activation - for example: Send awakening SMS to tell them your sincerity so that they can come back to purchase your products;
  • Retention - for example: Through the unique user Segment of Plexins, rapidly screen out important users as critical maintenance objects;
  • Conversion-for example: When a user abandons payment, Plexins can automatically send a recalling SMS to persuade him to stay so that the conversion rate can be increased.

Expected launch date: June

Contact us: info@plexins.com

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