V1.1.0-Plexins online two-way SMS, specific updates to the following features

Plexins online two-way SMS, specific updates to the following features

1. merchant side, new C-side consumer, SMS reply stop to achieve SMS unsubscribe function.

2. merchant side, SMS subscription list new field > subscription status (subscribed, unsubscribed, unsubscribed). Add subscription status query conditions.

3. merchant side, SMS subscription list, new view function.

4. Merchant side, automation trigger, new unsubscribe event.

5. Backend, new keyword management mode fast.

6. Backend, SMS price setting>New field>Send type.

7. Backstage, operator management > new field > send type.

8. The system supports two-way SMS service (uplink and downlink)

The above features can provide the following product services for merchants (including but not limited to)

1. SMS sending compliance. (US SMS must be with unsubscribe function)
2. When C-side users reply to unsubscribe, you can set up unsubscribe events in automated marketing to recover customer churn (this feature is only for scenarios where telecom operators are not involved in unsubscribing).
3. In the merchant side>subscribe users, you can view the user subscription records, view the SMS subscription status.


1. Uplink SMS submits billing item by item
2. The current online keywords are only part of the unsubscription-related functions. The complete keywords subscription and unsubscription functions will be available in subsequent versions.

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