V1.2.1-Pop-up feature is live

The pop-up feature is online. Users can create pop-ups in plexins and post them to their Shopify stores.

Function Use
  1. to drive traffic to convert
  2. collect subscribers
  3. event conversion
  4. send discount code (users actively receive discount code)
  5. other scenarios: users in the TiTok diversion to the independent station by editing the content of the pop-up window to attract, telling users to enter their cell phone number, you can receive discount codes. C-side users submit their cell phone numbers, triggering the user in the plexins set new users to join the event. The system will automatically send the discount code to the diversion of users via SMS in order to promote more order conversion.

  1. Official website update pop-up window online notification.
  2. The product operation manual updates the content of the pop-up window.
  3. When using the pop-up window, be sure to set the automation trigger - new user joins the event.

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This is a staging enviroment