Introduction to SMS campaign

SMS Campaigns with Plexins allow you to schedule and send message according to specific user segments. Or you can simply send messages to your entire customer base at once. These campaigns differ from automated process on the Plexins website because you can send them to audiences you specify—at times you set.

A well-planned and expertly executed SMS campaign is a powerful marketing tool that can boost your ROI.

Why You Should Send SMS Marketing Campaigns

With the help of Plexins, your SMS Campaigns will deliver a few impressive benefits:

●Tell your customers about new products, promotions, special offers, and exciting news about your brand
●Send campaigns straight away or at a designated time set by you
●Target specific customers with your marketing messages using customer segments

Click the “SMS Campaign” option in the Plexins menu to get started.

You’ll then see an overview of your SMS Campaigns, which you can edit or personalize. You can create new automated processes using the buttons at the top of the page.

The list below displays how many times you have used campaigns, the execution times, and their current statuses. Activate and deactives campaigns by changing their status. You can then take the following actions:

Edit: Customize your SMS Campaign in line with your message and branding
View: View the details of your SMS campaign

Types of Campaign

The types of SMS Campaigns offered by Plexins are:

Holiday Events: Send campaign messages to leverage the marketing potential of major holidays such as Christmas, Memorial Day, and Black Friday. Boost the ROI and revenues by personalizing promotions to specifc groups.

Sales: Schedule flash sales and product launches to build trust and increase customer retention rates. And ensure the right offers reach frequent shoppers and customers who have purchased similar products in the past.

Product Launch: Turbocharge your product launches and retain customers. Give your subscribers the heads up on your latest products to develop trust and nurture loyalty.

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