How to Create and Enable SMS Campaign?

To create an SMS Campaign with Plexins, click the “Create” button to get started.

  1. Enter a Campaign Name.

Start by giving your SMS Campaign a name. This won’t be visible to your customers, so enter anything that’s quick, simple, and easy to remember. Choose something that’s easily distinguishable from your other campaigns to make finding it easier.

2. Choose a Campaign Type

Click the “Campaign Types” box and choose an option from the drop-down menu.

3. Select Target Segments

Choose the target segment you wish to use for this SMS Campaign. The segments are created separately on another page.

4. Create a Message

Click the “Templates” button to speed up the message creation process. We’ve created some great templates that are ready to go. However, you can personalize and edit each SMS template with shortcodes and the addition of a discount value

Please note: Some mobile carriers require opt-in language in text marketing messages to protect users from spam messages.

To remain compliant at all times, the STOP message (or unsubscribe link for numbers outside the US) is automatically added to your message. Be careful not to delete the message by accident during the editing process. If you do, however, you can always add it again from the checkbox below.

Message Length.

A single SMS contains up to 160 characters. If you exceed this limit by anywhere between one and 53 characters, the message will calculate it as a second SMS—and you’ll be charged for two messages.

If you exceed 320 characters, you’ll be billed for three SMS messages, and so on. You can add emojis to your messages, but each one reduces the character count from 160 to 70 per message.

5. Schedule Your Messages

Choose to send your message at a specific time using the toggle switch. Simply choose the time and date you wish your message to go out. But keep in mind that you must schedule a time at least a minute from the moment you create the schedule.

There is no maximum time for scheduling SMS messages with Plexins. If you wish to disable scheduled messaging, leave the toggle switch off. The SMS Campaign will be saved to the menu as soon as you click “Submit.”

6. Intelligent Sending

It’s up to you whether you enable Intelligent Sending or not, but we recommend its use at all times. This will ensure no customer receives a message within 16 hours of receiving the last one.

7. Preview Your Message

The message on the right allows you to see how your text message will appear on recipients’ phones. You can send yourself a test SMS message by clicking the blue button.

Remember: To preview your message, the links and shortcodes in the preview are simulated. When you save the message, the shortcode will be replaced with the correct information.

8. Review Your SMS Campaign

Review your campaign details to ensure everything is displayed and working correctly.

Remember to always double-check your links and shortcodes.

9. Submit Your Campaign

The final step involves submitting your campaign. Simply click the “Submit” button to get your new SMS Campaign underway.

Well done! Your SMS Campaign is up and running. You can track its results via the Plexins user interface. But if you have any problems or questions, please reach out to us at

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