How to Add Discounts in SMS Marketing Campaigns?

In your SMS marketing, you can display the discount's codevalue, or URL.

Setting up a discount  

Add discounts to your SMS marketing messages using the shortcode at the bottom of every text message screen. Common discount codes available with Plexins include Discount Value, Discount Code, and Discount URL. You will see these options every time you set up a new SMS Campaign. Assign a price rule to all three discounts to ensure the logic is applied to all your messages.

Use these codes in three main scenarios:

  • Discount value: This shortcode is replaced by the discount percentage you set up, eg. 15%.
  • Discount code: This shortcode is replaced by your unique discount code (if one is set up).
  • Discount URL: This shortcode is replaced by a discount code that’s embedded in a link to your website.
Unique Customer Discount Codes

Every customer code is different to maximize personalization and prevent misuse. When you offer a discount to a customer, you will need to specify either a percentage, a fixed amount, or free shipping from the drop-down menu. Enter the discount value you want to give customers and click “Confirm” to add it to the SMS message.

If you have a dedicated discount landing page, you can add its address to your discount URL.

Important: You can edit or remove your discount at any time.

Setting Up a Discount Code Prefix

Plexins allows you to personalize discount codes to ensure they match your brand identity and stand out from discounts offered by your competitors. Create discount codes by selecting the “Settings” option from the menu on the left. Click “Preferences Settings,” enable the “Discount Code Prefix,” and choose an appropriate word for your brand.

And that’s it! You’ve set up discounts in your SMS campaign. But if you run into problems or want to ask a question, reach out to our support team at

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