Why Use an SMS Marketing Strategy

Short Message Service (SMS) marketing is still a very effective way for brands to use an owned channel for reaching, connecting, and converting subscribers.

The term “used channel” is utilized because consumers must subscribe or opt in before you can legitimately send them marketing messages. But once a subscriber opts in, however, you can control how you use their data to reach them.

Why Use SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing creates a more personalized communication challenge through which brands can fully engage consumers. By reaching consumers via their SMS inboxes—via text messages—a more interactive and value-driven relationship emerges.

There are many reasons why SMS marketing is still so effective nowadays, but here are a few of the most compelling reasons:

Texts deliver a nearly 100% open rate—and 90% are opened within three minutes
Texts are usually reserved for friends and family, which makes them an effective communication channel for the vast majority of consumers
People use their text message services to keep in touch with their loved ones and maintain their relationships

If a brand can become part of a consumer’s inner circle, the sky’s the limit in terms of developing a productive, loyalty-driven relationship.

Why Use Plexins for SMS Marketing?

With Plexins, you can encourage subscriber interaction and focus on building personalized relationships—nurtured over time. Because we take a long-term approach to SMS marketing strategies, our clients are able to prioritize each subscriber’s lifetime value (LTV) when it comes to issues such as revenue and ROI.

The ultimate goal of SMS marketing is to build a subscriber list and, through that, engage and retain customers. Plexins facilitates this through targeted, personalized messaging.

The most effective SMS marketing messages make the subscriber feel like they were written specifically for them—and that’s exactly what Plexins is designed to do.

How to Get Started

We've built this Help Center to walk you through our most popular features. We will show you how to level up your usage with targeted, fully personalized messages.

If you're new to Plexins, or SMS marketing in general, we recommend you start by reviewing the resources in our “New? Start Here” section. This is where we'll introduce you to the core concepts and features of Plexins to help you jumpstart your SMS marketing campaigns.

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