What Is Plexins?

Who We Are

Plexins is a powerful yet easy-to-use marketing automation platform designed for Direct to Consumer (DTC) brands. Designed to help you engage with consumers wherever they are, this tried-and-tested tool includes a range of features that can help you drive revenues, maximize marketing ROI, and improve customer retention rates.

With Plexins, you’ll be able to develop and nurture strong, long-lasting relations with customers across the entire buying experience

With Plexins at your disposal, you’ll be able to engage with your target audience in a more thoughtful, personalized way. Our advanced personalization user segmentation capability, combined with our effective SMS templates, provides a relatively easy way to connect with your customers.

Today’s consumers don’t respond well to forced connections from faceless sellers; they want communications with real people. Plexins makes owning your consumer data easier than ever before, and it makes the establishment and maintenance of customer relationships a fully automated process.

With the help of this powerful SMS marketing automation platform, you’ll better understand your audience with a series of personalized messages created with ready-made templates.

What We Provide

Here at Plexins, we work hard to ensure our customers have everything they need to maximize the efficacy and ROI associated with their SMS marketing campaigns.

  • Personalized automation: Plexins automates personalized communications that trigger the actions of customers in the pursuit of sales. It does this through functions such as product recommendations, new user sign-ups, and abandoned payment messaging.
  • User segmentation: Data-rich segmentation gives you the power to maximize ROI and personalize your marketing campaigns in line with the characteristics of your customers.
  • Campaigns: Plexins allows you to use events such as holidays, promotions, and product launches to engage the right customers at the right times.
  • Quiet hours: Messages are in line with the timezones of subscribers—and ensuring goodwill isn’t lost through inappropriately timed communications (at night, etc).
  • SMS template: Proven SMS templates are available with the click of a button.
  • Maximum cost per message: Control how much you spend on each SMS marketing message.
  • Track revenues and ROI: Review the performance of your SMS marketing campaigns with various tools that go well beyond average click metrics and conversion rates.
  • SMS marketing compliance: Make your store TCPA-compliant through our comprehensive onboarding process. Give your customers the chance to reply “STOP” to withdraw consent for SMS marketing messages.
  • Powerful global telecommunication service support: Our support guarantees high-quality SMS marketing campaigns that are stable, secure, and respectful of privacy issues.

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