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Are you new to Plexins and looking for some guidance? Congratulations, you've stumbled upon this article! In this guide, Plexins experts will walk you through the key features step by step, setting you on the path of automated marketing, making your marketing strategies more precise and effective!

By the end of this article, you'll be able to:
● Complete some basic account settings.
● Expand your subscriber list.
● Perform user segmentation for targeted marketing.
● Create marketing campaigns.
● Design and enable automated workflows.

Grow with Plexins

Whether you're a seasoned marketing professional or just getting started in the marketing world, Plexins has everything you need in terms of marketing content and services. Through this guide, you'll learn how to break barriers between you and your customers, providing them with personalized marketing while mastering the essence of automated marketing, freeing up your hands and mind.

Plexins is a powerful and convenient all-in-one platform that helps you meet the diverse needs of shoppers. From your website to emails and text messages, you'll be sending marketing campaigns to your customers based on your brand, building your database over time. Using your customer data, you can personalize your marketing content and information collection forms, bridging the gap between you and your customers, and interact with them like friends.

As you meticulously design each marketing campaign and personalize it, you'll gain a fresh perspective on your customers, grouping them to communicate with them more effectively.
For instance: You can engage highly active subscribers or customers from specific geographical locations by tailoring your communication to match their shopping habits, thereby increasing revenue from these marketing campaigns.

For instance: You can engage highly active subscribers or customers from specific geographical locations by tailoring your communication to match their shopping habits, thereby increasing revenue from these marketing campaigns.

Ⅰ. Basic Account Settings

As you embark on your Plexins journey, the first step is to configure some essential account settings. These include the most critical aspects like Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, as well as setting up a custom domain that impacts your email delivery.

While Plexins strives to provide valuable information, it's essential for all businesses to seek professional legal advice to ensure full compliance with all applicable laws for all marketing activities.
When obtaining consent from customers for SMS marketing, you must make shoppers familiar with your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. According to industry guidelines, links to these documents should be included in subscriber collection tools and compliant SMS messages during Shopify checkout.

Plexins will guide you through adding the necessary compliance text and key elements to include in your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, providing examples for both. These examples can be added to your existing Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and are solely related to text marketing.

Additionally, if your marketing activities include email marketing, it's essential to use a dedicated sending domain for your marketing emails,click on the blue word to view details. When you verify your email sending domain, your marketing emails will appear to be coming from your store, enhancing customers' trust in your marketing messages. Moreover, if your consumers are familiar with your proprietary domain, they are less likely to classify your emails as spam, significantly reducing the chances of your marketing emails ending up in the junk folder and improving your email deliverability rate.

Ⅱ. Expand Your Subscriber List

Personalized pop-ups and keywords not only establish a distinctive brand image and capture users' attention but also help you convert website visitors into loyal subscribers, gradually building a massive subscriber list – a crucial element in your marketing strategy.

When these subscribers fill out registration forms, they explicitly consent to receiving your marketing messages. They are interested in your brand and expect to receive promotional or discount information from you. Engaging with these subscribers allows you to identify potential customers and encourage them to make purchases.

You can design a pop-up that aligns with your store's brand image, using personalized images and compelling call-to-action phrases to attract visitors to fill in their registration information, converting them into subscribers, and establishing successful communication with them via SMS or email. Click here to view the usage tutorial of the pop-up function.

Of course, Plexins' pop-up feature not only serves as a tool to collect subscribers; it offers many other exciting possibilities. Once you become fully familiar with Plexins' features, we await your discovery of even more fun ways to use it.

In many cases, users are reluctant to become subscribers because they don't want to waste time filling out forms – they find it bothersome. This is where Plexins' keyword feature comes in, setting us apart from other platforms. By choosing a word that best represents your brand as the keyword, users only need to send a text containing the keyword to automatically become subscribers to your store. Click here for a tutorial on using the Keyword feature.

Unlike pop-ups that can only be displayed when users visit your store's website, keywords are not limited to the website alone; you can use them across various channels to attract subscribers comprehensively. Utilizing opt-in links, you can post them on various social media platforms, allowing subscribers to join with just a single click. Using QR codes makes it even more convenient – you can place them on different web pages and even print and attach them to product shipping boxes, enticing previous customers to become subscribers and continually engaging them with appropriate marketing strategies to encourage repeat purchases.

Ⅲ. Manage Your User List through User Segmentation

User segment is a powerful tool that helps you better understand and manage a large-scale user list. Of course, this list is dynamic and constantly changing with actions like subscriptions and unsubscriptions, making it quite challenging to manage. However, fear not, Plexins' robust segmentation feature can help you effortlessly tackle this management challenge. Click here for a how-to guide for the user segment feature

User segment allows you to attract specific segments of customers through personalized experiences, based on customer behavior or attributes.

You can choose segmentation criteria based on general or specific conditions, as per your needs.

For example: Customers with total spending below $100 and customers who have purchased your red lipstick, coral lipstick, blush lipstick, and berry lipstick products with actual spending below $100.

When users meet the segmentation criteria you've set, the system automatically adds them to the segmented group. Conversely, if they no longer meet the conditions, they will be removed from that segment.

User segmentation is one of the most powerful strategies used by professional marketers, helping you avoid sending excessive messages to non-marketing targets. It enables you to target customers easily based on segmentation for cross-selling, product recommendations, loyalty promotions, or win-back campaigns, thereby increasing your return on investment.

Plexins has prepared some commonly used basic segmentation templates for you. When you need more targeted user segmentation, you can try creating the specific categories you desire.

Ⅳ. Create Marketing Campaigns

Once you have a list of subscribers, you can start creating your marketing campaigns. Marketing campaigns allow you to keep your subscribers informed about the latest updates from your store. They are perfect for conveying product updates, promotional offers, holiday events, or new product launches. You can prepare these campaigns in advance and send them to your audience before each event, enabling you to personalize your designs and text content freely. This section will guide you on how to develop marketing campaigns and how to use the information obtained from these campaigns.

CoMade is a beauty and skincare brand that uses sustainably sourced coconut oil as a crucial ingredient in their products. Their offerings include deodorants, hair care products, body scrubs, and more, all made from 100% organic coconut oil. As early adopters of SMS marketing, they have built a rich pool of first-party traffic and use marketing campaigns to inform customers promptly about promotions and product updates.

This month, they are launching a new product - a body scrub - and are looking to design an engaging marketing campaign to promote it. Before doing so, they spend time using user segmentation to identify the most likely customers they can attract.

With Plexins, you can send both email and SMS campaigns. CoMade first uses email marketing to inform customers about their upcoming promotion, adding some countdown timers to create a sense of urgency. This helps convert potential customers with purchase intent into loyal customers who take action, leading to business growth. Click here to view the details of the email campaigns tutorial.

When the marketing campaign requires a sense of urgency, they opt for SMS marketing. They find it to be a more direct communication method that immediately reaches subscribers and is more likely to be opened and viewed. Hence, they prefer using SMS marketing for their last-minute marketing activities. Click here to view the specific operation steps of the SMS campaigns function.

Creating marketing campaigns is a crucial part of your marketing strategy, but don't overlook the data you gain from these campaigns. It will help you realize areas for improvement in your marketing strategy.

Delivery rates show how many people received your marketing campaign, while open rates indicate how many people were willing to view your marketing campaign. They are critical components of your marketing strategy, reflecting how well your marketing resonates with subscribers.

Ensure that your email marketing maintains an open rate of at least 20% and a click-through rate of at least 2% to ensure it remains effective. If it falls below this level, it indicates poor performance, and you may need to adjust your content or audience.

As telecom operators in different countries have varying standards for SMS sending, SMS marketing requires more attention to details. Plexins has prepared an SMS marketing guide to help you improve the SMS delivery rate and ensure the effectiveness of your SMS marketing. You can click to view details.

Ⅴ. Activate Automated Marketing

Flow, also known as automated workflow, refer to a visual process builder that utilizes various nodes in business processes, user characteristics, operational needs, and data integration. By setting up triggers, conditions, timing, and actions, Flows automate marketing tasks effectively. Plexins specifically introduces the composition of Flow to facilitate users' understanding, you can click to view details.

When a customer's specific behavior triggers certain conditions, Flow automatically sends designated SMS or email content to the user or assigns specific tags, enabling sellers to achieve automated operations. It automatically engages with customers based on their actions, unleashing the full potential of your user list and maximizing customer interactions.

Let's take the example of a customer browsing through CoMade's product listings and showing interest in their newly launched body scrub, adding it to the cart for checkout. However, other distractions cause the customer to leave the page, and after two hours, there's a high chance they will forget to return and complete the payment. CoMade could potentially lose a valuable order.

Such situations happen frequently, and customers often forget to pay for certain products, causing businesses to lose significant revenue. But with an automated marketing workflow in place, this challenge can be easily overcome.

By using Plexins' automated flow, after the customer abandons their payment, a reminder email or SMS is sent to them after two hours, reminding them that their desired item is still waiting in the shopping cart. Additionally, if the customer makes the payment within a given time frame, they may even enjoy a delightful discount on the order.

Thanks to this abandoned cart automated workflow, CoMade not only retains the order but also converts the customer into a store client. They can further nurture this relationship through automation, such as providing shipment tracking information, inviting the customer to review the product, or offering generous discount coupons when the customer completes a certain number of orders. These strategies guide customers to continuously repurchase and ultimately become loyal fans of the store.

Once you start using Plexins, Flow will become your most capable store manager. When you're busy, it will organize your store according to rules and help you categorize users to build customer relationships. It will convert website visitors into store customers, first-time buyers into long-term brand advocates, and win back customers who have not visited for a long time to generate repeat orders.

Now, you can begin to build your first Flow for your store. If there is something you don't understand, you can always check the article for help.


Congratulations on completing the Plexins Beginner's Guide! Now you have gained a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Plexins, but this is just the beginning of your growth with us.
Plexins' Help Center and blog articles provide numerous feature guides and strategies, constantly updated to adapt to market changes, all of which will aid in your development.

In the app, we have prepared four beginner tasks waiting for you. By completing these tasks, you not only become more familiar with Plexins but also receive a $5 reward!
Moreover, for each feature section, we have recorded corresponding user tutorial videos. So, if you ever forget how to use a specific feature, don't hesitate to access these videos for instant assistance.

Once you have executed a series of marketing campaigns and gathered a considerable amount of marketing data, remember to leverage this data. You will discover areas that need improvement and strategies that perform exceptionally well, enabling you to continuously refine your marketing activities and maximize profits.

If you need further guidance or encounter any issues you'd like to address, feel free to reach out to us via Tidio or send an email to You can also find us directly on WhatsApp at +86 18370201712.

Welcome to embark on your journey of sales growth, and we wish you a delightful experience using Plexins!

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