How to Create a Keyword?

Click the “Collect Subscribers” link from the main menu on the left of the page. Then click “Keyword” to get started.
1: Select a Type of Keyword to Create

There are three types of keywords to create with Plexins:

●Opt-in Link
●QR Generator

2. Enter a Task Name

Start by giving your task a name. Example: “Christmas Campaign.”

Choose a name that’s simple and helps you to identify your keyword task quickly. It won’t be visible to customers, so choose whatever works best for you.

3. Create a Keyword

Use letters, numbers, underscores, and hyphens to create a keyword that customers must use to reply to a subscription. Example: “HappyChristmas.”

4. Choose an SMS Subscription Template

Choose the template you want to use by clicking the “Content template” button.

Please note: This section is only available with Opt-in links and QR code forms.

5. Create Your Message
  • There are 10 great templates to choose from on the Plexins platform. Click the “Templates” button to choose a ready-made template that will save you time and effort.
  • Continue personalizing your campaigns by using shortcodes to fetch customer information, and don’t forget to include a discount value.
6. Generate Subscription Link

Click “Generate subscription link” to generate a link that includes your chosen keyword. Then copy the link template you want to send to customers.

Tip: Copy the link directly or the template provided by Plexins.

A Few Final Points to Remember

●You can create 10 free campaigns for each keyword you create.
●Keywords have thesaurus filtering, and the following five phrases can’t be used: “opt-out,” “stop to opt out,” “stop,” “unstop,” and “start.”

If you have any questions about creating keywords with Plexins, please contact our support team at

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