Introduction to Email Campaigns

Email marketing involves direct communications with a target audience in order to convey a business message. Depending on your priorities and objectives, you can use Plexins to create and send email marketing messages to specific audiences at scheduled times.

If you create a thorough marketing plan that delivers the right messages to the right audience, you can grow your business over time—and create a great brand that will deliver long-term growth for your business.

Why Use Email Campaigns?

  1. Schedule Appropriately
    You can choose when the email will be sent to your customers—whether that’s at a certain time of day or during a popular holiday.
  1. Use Email Templates
    You can choose from a range of eye-catching email templates and adapt them to your specific promotion, event, or product launch.
  1. Target Your Marketing Messages
    Plexins allows you to combine customer segments to ensure the right messages reach the right people.
  1. Communicate Effectively
    Use the Email Campaigns feature to launch new products, leverage the marketing potential of holidays, and communicate special offers and discounts. You can also share important news and developments with your subscribers.

Email Campaigns Overview

In the Plexins menu, click on Email Campaigns.

Edit and personalize your Email Campaigns on the overview page. Use the buttons at the top of the page to create new campaigns with ease.

The list below shows all the Email Campaigns you’ve used in the past. Included in this list are Edit Time, Sending Time, OR, and CR. You can also perform a range of tasks here, including:

Edit: Customize and modify your Email Campaigns

Details: View details of all your email activity

Types of Campain

Holiday Events: Send holiday-only messages to increase revenues with personalized promotions during major holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday.

New product listing: Inform your customers about the latest products being launched by your company. Giving your loyal subscribers this information first will foster great relationships with them and increase customer retention.

Abandoned cart: When customers fail to complete a purchase, they will be sent an automated email and a link to the payment page. This reminds them to complete their purchase—increasing your conversion rates and your revenues.

Newcomer Welcome: When a new customer subscribes, Plexins will send them a welcome email with discounts or exclusive member benefits—as well as any information you wish to share. You can choose to communicate new products, details about your brand, or help with making purchases.

If you run into any problems while creating your email marketing campaigns with Plexins, reach out to our support team at

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