Introduction to Automation trigger

Automated marketing allows you to connect with your customers in search of sales through customized messages that are triggered by specific customer journey events. Such events include new subscriptions and abandoned carts. These processes run automatically in the background—so your customers are kept engaged, and you’re free to run your business.

In this article, we’ll show you how SMS text message automation within the Plexins app can boost both your revenue and customer engagement levels.

Why Use Automated Marketing Tools?

Marketing automation platforms perform a range of tasks that can deliver great results when they’re utilized correctly.

●Automated marketing solutions run in the background—there’s no need for scheduling or day-to-day management.

●Customize your automated marketing solutions for specified events such as new user registrations, abandoned payments, successful payments, and more.

●Using automation templates makes designing and launching new marketing campaigns quick and simple. Edit your message, add your personal branding details, and let Plexins do the rest.

Creating an Automation Trigger

Here are the simple steps required to create an Automation Trigger on the Plexins platform.

●Click the Automation Trigger link in the main Plexins menu.
●View the Automation Trigger overview.
●Create a new Automation Trigger with the buttons at the top of the page.

The list below displays how each Automation Trigger was sent, the number of link clicks, the revenue it’s generated so far, and the trigger’s current status.

Activate and deactivate existing Automation Triggers by changing the status toggle and performing these actions:

Edit: Customize the Automation Trigger
View: View the details of the Automation Trigger

Types of Automation Trigger

Plexins offers a range of Automation Triggers designed to deliver healthy revenues and ROI with minimal effort.

Abandoned Payment: This automated feature kicks in when a customer abandons their shopping cart. Use this function to remind the customer of the products they’ve left behind. A good way to encourage a sale in this scenario is to offer a discount. You can set how long it takes to send the message after the cart has been abandoned.

New User: This automation triggers as soon as a new customer subscribes to your list. This is a great way to welcome new subscribers to your brand. You can also get your relationship off to a great start with a discount. We recommend using the New User automation with the delay disabled.

Payment Successful: Set up a new order confirmation every time a payment is successfully processed. This is a great way to boost customer satisfaction.

Cancel Order: This triggers when the customer changes their mind and cancels their order. Include a decent discount to persuade the subscriber to complete the purchase.

Last Order: This triggers when a previous customer fails to make another purchase within a pre-defined time period. You can set the schedule in advance with a filter. This is a great way to keep existing customers engaged with your brand—particularly when you include a discount code in the message.

Recommended Product: This automation is triggered when the customer purchases something from one of the collections you’ve set up. This is an effective way to upsell to the customer based on their personal preferences. Including a discount or additional information increases the chance of persuading the customer to buy.

The Automation Triggers included with Plexins give you the opportunity to increase revenues, customer satisfaction, and customer retention with minimal effort. Contact us today to find out more.

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