$5 Rewards for New User

We have created four steps to marketing success with Plexins. We want you to become an SMS marketing expert. Complete this short process, and we’ll reward you with a $5 credit to your account.

Step 1:

TCPA Compliance

Before sending messages, you must ensure you collect phone numbers properly. Update your store’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to remain fully TCPA-compliant. For help, review this article, which guides you through the update process.

Step 2:

Undisturbed Settings

Go through the tranquil setting Undisturbed setting is enabled automatically when you install plexins designed to prevent accidental spamming; you can view that in the Settings/Basic set.

Step 3:

Create User Segments

Maximize the ROI among your target audience. Create a new segment of subscribers to personalize your marketing strategy with targeted messaging and offers.

Step 4:

Enable Marketing Automation

Set your text marketing campaigns to autopilot. Create automated offers that are triggered by certain customer actions, including new user registrations, abandoned shopping carts, and recommended products. Enable the first trigger of your campaign to boost your revenue.

Remember: The campaign’s validity period is one month from the date you first install Plexins. Complete these four steps during your first month as a user to earn your $5 reward.

If you have any questions about our $5 bonus, reach out via email at hello@plexins.com.

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