The 5 Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps to Get Your Sales Back

the 5 best shopify abandoned cart apps to get your sales back

Are you having trouble with lost revenue due to an abandoned cart problem? It's a common issue for Shopify store owners. Statistics show that the average online shopping cart abandonment rate is 79.8%. Fortunately, there are excellent options for Shopify abandoned cart apps. Don't be fooled into thinking they're all pricey—we've identified budget-friendly apps that are extremely effective based on their user reviews.

Why Customers Abandon Their Carts on Shopify

Shopify merchants face a common challenge: abandoned carts. While every store is different, there are five common reasons why customers abandon their carts on Shopify.

1. Unforeseen Extra Costs

Customers may be surprised by hidden costs, such as additional taxes or high shipping costs, when they reach the checkout page. This can lead to cart abandonment. To avoid this, make sure to list all additional costs upfront, or offer free shipping.

2. Mandatory Account Registration

Requiring customers to create an account before they can checkout can be a turnoff. This is especially true if the customer is only interested in making a one-time purchase. To avoid this, make account registration optional.

3. Slow Live Chat Support

Customers who have questions or problems during the checkout process may abandon their cart if they don't receive a quick response from live chat support. To avoid this, make sure your live chat support is responsive. You can also use chatbots to answer common questions.

4. Concerns About Payment Security

Customers want to be sure that their personal and financial information is secure when they checkout. If they have any doubts about the security of your store, they may abandon their cart. To build trust, make sure your store has a secure checkout process and that you use a reputable payment processor.

5. Complicated Checkout Process

A complicated or time-consuming checkout process can lead to cart abandonment. To make the checkout process as smooth as possible, keep it short and simple. Use clear and concise language, and make sure all of the required information is easy to find.

By addressing these common reasons for cart abandonment, you can increase your chances of converting more sales.

Here are some additional tips for reducing cart abandonment:

  • Personalize your checkout process. Use customer data to personalize the checkout process and make it more relevant to each individual shopper.
  • Offer incentives to complete the checkout process. This could include free shipping, discounts, or loyalty points.
  • Send abandoned cart emails. These emails can remind customers of the items they left in their cart and encourage them to complete the purchase.
  • Track your abandoned carts. This will help you identify the most common reasons for cart abandonment and make changes to your store accordingly.
  • By following these tips, you can reduce cart abandonment and increase your sales.

How to Recover Abandoned Carts on Shopify

Recovering abandoned carts is a simple process: choose the right Shopify abandoned cart app for your business and use it effectively. This usually involves sending a series of carefully-timed messages over multiple channels to remind customers of their missed purchase.

The messages can include things like a photo of the abandoned item, a link back to the product page, an SMS reminder, an incentive such as a discount or free shipping, and similar product recommendations.

the 5 best shopify abandoned cart apps to get your sales back 1

Popular channels for abandoned cart recovery on Shopify include:

  • Email: Sending an abandoned cart recovery email is the most common and cost-effective method, converting an impressive 34% of lost orders.
  • SMS: These widely-read messages can add a sense of urgency to your abandoned cart series with time-sensitive deals.
  • Exit-intent popups: Catch users as they are preparing to navigate away from your store and give them a second chance to complete the purchase.
  • Website chatbots: These handy helpers guide users through the shopping experience and can leave subtle reminders about an unfinished purchase.
  • Push notifications: Increasingly popular push notifications give reminders directly on-screen, regardless of which website the user is browsing.

The 5 Best Shopify Apps for Abandoned Carts

1. Omnisend

For Shopify, Omnisend is the ultimate marketing automation app. It is designed specifically for e-commerce retailers, so it naturally includes powerful abandoned cart recovery features. You can easily combine email, SMS, and more for a truly omnichannel Shopify abandoned cart strategy. The best part is that Omnisend costs approximately 40% less than other leading Shopify abandoned cart apps.

2. Carti

Carti is a Shopify app that helps you recover abandoned carts through multichannel campaigns. You can send abandoned cart reminders via email, SMS, and push notifications. Carti also offers other growth tools, such as browse abandonment and distribution lists.

Carti's main focus is on cart abandonment recovery. It allows you to create a multichannel strategy for reaching out to visitors in the places that they prefer. You can send them reminders to their email inbox, their phone, or even their desktop notification bar. Carti also allows you to offer automatically generated discounts and coupons as incentives to finish their purchase.

3. PushOwl

PushOwl is a push notification app that helps retailers recover abandoned carts. Push notifications are a great way to reach customers who have abandoned their carts, as they are instant and can be seen even if the customer is not actively using their device.

PushOwl is designed for maximum visibility. The notifications are short and sharp, making them easy to consume. They are also highly effective for mobile users, so retailers with a high percentage of mobile shoppers can expect great results.

In addition to its effective cart recovery feature, PushOwl also provides detailed analytics. This data can help retailers optimize their abandoned cart campaigns and improve their results.

4. Care Cart

Care Cart is a simple and effective cart recovery app that retargets users via automated email marketing and push notifications. It also offers the possibility to include incentives such as discount codes with an interactive and engaging “Spin the Wheel” feature.

The introduction of a gamified element helps Care Cart to stand out from the crowd. Gamification is an effective and increasingly popular strategy in e-commerce, as it can help to engage customers and encourage them to take action. In the case of Care Cart, the interactive Wheel of Fortune feature has been shown to outperform other subscription forms by three times.

5. Persistent Cart

Persistent Cart is a shopping cart solution that syncs carts to customer accounts to keep them active and accessible over multiple devices. This prevents shoppers from losing the items saved in their carts for later purchases while increasing your sales.

Shoppers often use their carts as a "save for later" place and regularly change devices throughout the day. Persistent Cart keeps items synced and easily accessible, preventing lost sales and the need for customers to search for products again.


The ideal Shopify app for recovering abandoned carts varies based on the specific requirements of your business. It's crucial to consider which communication channel your target audience prefers.

Email offers unparalleled versatility when it comes to content. You can incorporate visual elements such as images, enticing incentives, personalized recommendations, and more. However, it's important to note that emails aren't always read. To enhance your chances of reaching customers effectively, it's advisable to complement email campaigns with timely channels like SMS, push notifications, WhatsApp messages, and other relevant options.

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