iOS 16: The Impact on Email and SMS Marketing

ios 16 the impact on email and sms marketing


In the year 2022, Apple unveiled iOS 16, representing a significant milestone in its mobile operating system's evolution. This comprehensive update ushered in an array of novel features, notably privacy enhancements that possess the potential to profoundly influence email and SMS marketing landscapes.

Within this article, we will delve into the ramifications of iOS 16 on email and SMS marketing, offering insightful suggestions for marketers to adeptly navigate these transformations.

Impact on Email Marketing

Arguably, one of the most pivotal modifications within iOS 16 is the introduction of Mail Privacy Protection. This pioneering attribute empowers users to shield themselves from email senders' tracking endeavors, concealing both open rates and IP addresses. Such a development may present challenges for marketers seeking to accurately gauge the efficacy of their email campaigns.

Furthermore, iOS 16 grants users the capability to intercept emails from unfamiliar sources, potentially engendering a decline in email deliverability for marketers lacking a robust and cultivated email list.

Impact on SMS Marketing

iOS 16 also introduces novel characteristics that could exert influence over SMS marketing. This update facilitates the segregation of SMS messages from unidentified sources into a dedicated "Promotions" folder. Consequently, this shift could result in diminished SMS open rates for marketers who lack a substantial rapport with their recipients.

Moreover, iOS 16 empowers users to report SMS messages as spam, which in turn could subject marketers to being labeled as purveyors of unsolicited content. This predicament has the potential to tarnish their reputation and render the task of connecting with their intended audience a more arduous endeavor.

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Tips for Marketers

In response to the transformative effects of iOS 16, marketers can adopt a series of strategic measures to align with the evolving landscape. Here are several salient suggestions:

  • Cultivate Compelling Content: The cornerstone of elevating email and SMS engagement lies in crafting content that resonates deeply with the audience. Offerings such as exclusive incentives, discounts, or educational content can prove immensely valuable.
  • Embrace Personalization: Infuse a personalized touch into communications to foster meaningful relationships with clientele. Capitalize on data from CRM systems or email service providers to incorporate recipient-specific elements such as names, locations, and interests.
  • Foster Trust: Trust serves as the bedrock of any triumphant marketing endeavor. Prioritize transparency by providing unambiguous information about your company and its practices.

By heeding these recommendations, marketers can adeptly mitigate the repercussions of iOS 16 and continue reaching their target audience through impactful marketing campaigns.


iOS 16 has ushered in an array of transformative shifts that stand to influence the realms of email and SMS marketing. However, armed with a focus on crafting high-caliber content, infusing personalization, and nurturing trust, marketers can adeptly navigate these changes and persist in accomplishing their marketing objectives.

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