We Are a Passionate, Open, and Creative Team of Young Marketing Professionals

We have created a powerful yet easy-to-use,
all-in-one email and SMS marketing automation platform.
We’re helping Shopify businesses meet the evolving needs of today’s online shoppers — one customer at a time.

Packed with useful SMS and email marketing features, Plexins offers service in more than 210 countries.

We help more than 1,000 brands increase their revenues and deliver a better experience for their customers.

Our Approach to Email and SMS Marketing Automation

Here at Plexins(Shenzhen Sihailan Information Technology Co., Ltd.), we work tirelessly to ensure develop and fine-tune technologies that drive sales, lower marketing costs, and grow brands. Our customers turn to us because they don’t have the time for manual marketing tasks — and because they know just how powerful the Plexins platform is.

We help Shopify businesses harness the power of email and SMS marketing through a range of labor-saving functions. From automatically triggered SMS marketing messages to on-screen pop-ups and abandoned cart technology, we help our clients turn browsers into buyers.

We take great pride in helping businesses of all types and sizes to drive revenues, increase profitability and grow brand awareness. We’ve designed our various automated marketing tools in a way that makes them easy to use. This means that anyone can use them — regardless of their technical skills or knowledge.

We’re revolutionizing the way marketing automation delivers results — one Shopify store at a time!

We’re on a Mission to Help DTC Brands Leverage Advanced Automated Marketing Strategies

Create a better shopping experience for your customers — and reap a range of valuable rewards, including improved retention and conversion rates and increased brand awareness.

High-quality SMS functionality that offers maximum stability.

Stringent security and privacy features.

Delivering Effective Support for

More Than 15 Years

The ability to connect to multiple leading mobile carriers.

In-depth knowledge of SMS marketing technologies.

Safety, Security, and Privacy Built In

The Plexins automated marketing platform allows you to comply with Shopify’s rules on GDPR regulations, privacy requirements, and security.

Our powerful marketing automation platform supports HTTPS/SSL encrypted transmissions. Plexins also utilizes automated disaster recovery processes and data desensitization to guarantee the security of customer data.

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